"Front Porch Inspirations"

Going To The Zoo

I知 going to the zoo today

Would you like to go with me?

We値l watch gorillas swing on ropes

See monkeys in the trees.


There痴 a petting zoo for hands-on fun

With goats and horses too.

Oh I know we値l have such fun

When we both go to the zoo.


We値l stretch up on our tippy-toes

For a view of the giraffe.

His body short and neck so long

Always makes me laugh.


There are tigers and a lion

With cubs along her side

We must be very quiet~ shhh

So they don稚 run off and hide.


Many other sites for us to see

And things for us to do

I値l save the rest for a surprise

Once we both get to the zoo!


ゥ 2005 Marie Williams




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