I See Jesus   

Dusk was upon us as we drove up and down the hills of the beautiful quaint town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We had driven the two and a half hour drive to get there.

Enjoying the breathtaking view of the homes built into the hills, flowers at every turn, and the fresh mountain air, we began our search for a convenient place to stay over the weekend.

Suddenly a crescendo squeal came from the back of the van.“There he is, I see him, I see him!!!” shouted our youngest granddaughter.“Who do you see?” I asked.
“You know,’ was her reply. “Look over there,” she pointed in the direction of her sighting and drawled a response.“It’s JEEEESUS.”

Her excitement was contagious, and her sense of awe sent chills up my spine as I watched the expressions on her face.

We rolled our windows down a little further. There it was, bigger than life…..better known as, ‘The Christ of the Ozarks,’ a huge statue of Christ.

We parked the van and walked the distance to view the statue. Taking pictures, we stood at the foot of the statue. I suddenly felt my grandchild’s sense of awe, not at the statue, but at the bigness of God in comparison to how small I am standing before him.

There have been times that I have listened to the lies of Satan, causing me to feel hopelessly helpless, but God has reminded me that I am not powerless. He has given us the power through his Son, and his word to be conquerors over every situation. How thankful I am that nothing is too big for God. There are no problems that can’t be solved, no tears that can’t be wiped away, no changes that he can’t make, and no needs that he can’t meet.

Oh what an awesome God!

© 2004 Marie Williams


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