Butterfly Kisses


by Marie Williams



“Where has the time gone?”

I mumbled. “Just when I think I am

organized, something unexpected pops

up and  interrupts my schedule.” Telephone

 calls, unending questions from my son,

 and honey dos were just a few

 interruptions  of the morning.

I sighed as I stood at my kitchen window

washing dishes and wondered what else

the day might bring. I was tired,

and the day had only begun.


I watched our youngest daughter from the

 window while washing the dishes. She

was oblivious to a watchful eye, as she 

frolicked in a field of wildflowers with

butterflies flitting around her. She whirled

and twirled like a ballet dancer.

Suddenly my flower child sat down, right

in the middle of the field, blond head

 bobbing from side to side with music,

she alone could hear.


Tossing the dishtowel on the cabinet,

I strolled outside to join my ballerina

in the field of colorful flowers.

She held her finger to her lips to silence

 me as I approached. 


I eased down cross-legged before her.

Suddenly the most beautiful butterfly

 lit on her cheek. Eyes wide with wonder,

she couldn’t keep quiet another moment.

A giggle bubbled from within her,

 breaking the silence.

A glorious sound of robust laughter

filled the air as I joined in the

celebration of life while caught

up in the  moment of time. 

She boasted, “I just got a butterfly kiss.”

(I preferred to call it a kiss from God.) 

I'm certain it was a gift from God.

 Leaning towards her smiling face,

 I fluttered my eyelashes on her cheek.

“That’s it,” she exclaimed,

 “That’s just like the butterfly!” 

A brief moment of ecstasy for both

mother and daughter transpired in the

middle of the field, and I gleaned a

 treasured  memory to tuck away for

many years.


God’s timing was perfect.

Somehow, the dishes didn’t seem so

important anymore, nor the schedule,

or interruptions of the day.


Recently we celebrated her

thirty-first birthday.

 She now has three beautiful daughters

to join in their own dances,

or exchange butterfly kisses.

I hope she doesn't forget that moment.







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