"Front Porch Inspirations"

For everything, there is a season,
A time for hopes and dreams.
Bid farewell to yesterday,
Embrace God's scheme of things.
With pride we'll watch you graduate,
Tears of joy we'll shed.
Anticipating eagerly,
All that lies ahead.

Use wisdom and wait patiently,
Let faith arise each day.
Live life to the fullest,
But don't forget to pray.

Knowledge is a precious gift,
But not too much is gained
If it's cast aside in haste,
There'll be only you to blame.

Be quick to listen with your heart,
Slow to judge your friends.
For as the measure you judge with,
You'll be judged in the end.

2003 Marie Williams
Best wishes and God speed!

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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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