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Legacy Of Love

    He had a heart as big as Dallas… and his smile could melt the coldest heart. When his beautiful wife stood by his side and gazed into his eyes, there was a spark. I knew they had something special.


    Leon and Martha rarely, if ever missed a Sunday morning service in all the years they attended Church. They were always there early. They served as door greeters at their home Church.


     I remember a few years ago, they opened their home up for bible study. Our Church had decided to do what we called, ‘cell groups’ which simply put, was a set number of people living within a local area would be hosted by a volunteer family. 


    I had attended the same Church with Leon and Martha for several years, but it was so large that I hadn’t had an opportunity to get to know them on a more personal basis. The cell group gave me an opportunity to do so since we lived only a few miles from them.


    My daughter and I drove to their home each week for the bible study. We were met with the same warmth and smiles that we received at Church. Leon ushered us into the house, offered us something to drink and guided us to the living room while Martha prepared the tea, coffee or soda of our choice.


    There was always a time after Bible study in which we had prayer and ministered to one another. If there was anything on our hearts, we knew that we could count on the two of them to prayerfully seek God for the answer with us. We saw souls saved, healing, and others set free from bondage in a home filled with the love of God.


    A few days ago, Leon sat at the very table in his home in which he ministered to so many hearts. He suddenly dropped a glass of tea and teased his wife by asking her if she was the one who caused him to drop it. He smiled that warm smile reserved just for her, then suddenly left this world to be with his Lord and Savior forever. Martha later said that he literally left with a smile on his face. What a testimony…


    Leon left behind a wife and family he adored, but he also left a legacy of love that will never be forgotten.



© 2005 Marie Williams





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