Thank You

I would like to say "Thank You Jesus,"
for allowing me to have this site.
All honors, awards, and praise go to you.
There would not be a Front Porch Inspirations without you.
You are my inspiration, my hope, and my salvation.

Next, I'd like to say "Thank You Jimmy."
You have worked tirelessly to get these pages put
together and ready for publication.
These awards belong to you also.

Finally, I say, "Thank You,"
to every individual friend, family, and others who
have taken the time to come visit this site, make
suggestions, and encourage me to press on in my writing.
I love you all.

I accept these awards with humility,
lifting them up to God;
and I pray that every page will be a blessing to
those whose paths they cross.


Father, I ask that you bless, direct,
comfort and touch every Soul you send to this site.
If there is one person who does not know
your dear Son, Jesus,
I pray they will not leave here without coming
to know him and your great love.

Give them eyes of understanding,
a heart to receive your truth.
Protect them from the evil one, and give them Wisdom,
Revelation Knowledge, Peace and Joy unspeakable.
Fill them, I pray, with your sweet Spirit.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


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Bruce DeBoer

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