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God’s love and caring concern for our welfare is evident throughout His precious Word. He desires only good for His children. He has given us His Word to bring direction into our lives, health to our spiritual growth and peace to our minds. He guides us by His Word into a beautiful, peaceful, life-giving relationship with Him. This experience is ours free of charge because Jesus Christ paid the dearest price on the cross so very long ago. God simply wants us to accept freely what has been done to make us His children and for us to fill our hearts and minds with the peace from His Holy Word.

Precious one, there is a way to have peace in a busy world; God’s way. Our Heavenly Father says, “Fret Not" several times throughout scripture. He wants our hearts calm and focused upon Him and His Word so He can impart His peace and direction to our minds.

Give God the gift of your trust. You can trust your Heavenly Father in everything. Just lay all of your cares and burdens at His feet and share your heart openly with Him. He truly is bigger than any burden you will ever have and He has the wisdom to handle each and every burden.

Delight yourself in the Lord. Spend time in His Word, and in prayer and, especially, in thanksgiving. Thank Him for even the littlest blessings of your day. Keep a joy or praise journal where you can list the blessings of your day. After doing this for a month, look back and see how very blessed your life in Him truly is. It will amaze you!

Each morning commit your day to Him. Ask Him for guidance in all that you do. Include Him in every decision.

After you’ve done all of this, rest in Him. Believe in His great wisdom to handle every situation in the way that is ultimately best for you. You will find your heart filling with the peace only He can give you.

Psalm 37:1-8, “Fret not… Trust… delight… commit… rest…

Heavenly Father,
Help us to turn to You first in all things. Thank You for the amazing love, strength, and comfort that You offer us each day of our lives. Help us to truly rest in You so that our hearts will be filled with the genuine peace that comes only from living according to Your Word.


©2006 Linda Horton

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