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Sunny Side Up

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I have often wondered

In times of great despair,

If just a simple kind word

Might lighten someoneís cares;


Or if Iíd sit and listen,

Giving full attention toÖ

All they were saying;

I think itíd help, donít you?


Itís not always in words spoken,

Or even things I do.

Itís just in knowing someone,

Truly cares for you.


I may not have the answers

But this I know for sure,

When life for me, turns upside down,

A hug might be the cure.


So if youíre feeling lonely,

Or just a little blue,

Just call on me, Iíll be there.

Iíll even pray with you.


My words may not be flowery,

ĎTho spoken from my heart,

Theyíll be lined in silver;

By the Spirit, God imparts.


Days will look much brighter,

Full, will be your cup.

Joy will spring forth from your heart;

Youíll be sunny side up!


Copyright © 2003 Marie Williams




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